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HG Healthcare Consultants, LLC provides hospitals, medical staffs, governing boards, and group practices in the healthcare world with personalized education and consulting services customized to meet their unique needs.

Hugh Greeley, Todd Sagin, M.D., J.D., John McGinty, FACHE, Al Fritz and Mark Smith, M.D., have been working for many decades with healthcare executives, boards, medical staffs and physician leaders to address organizational, institutional, and personal challenges.

In an environment proliferating with ever-larger consulting organizations, HG Healthcare Consultants is committed to serving as a resource to the field through development of and investment in close, personal working relationships.

In addition to addressing focused consulting needs, HG Healthcare Consultants provides tailored educational programs, ongoing leadership training, keynote addresses, medical staff and board retreat facilitation, mediation services, guidance on physician contracting, and mentoring programs for individuals and organizations.

Our consultants specialize in working with organizations to maximize the effectiveness, productivity, and satisfaction of employed, contracted and private practice physicians.  Additional services include the provision of expertise to law firms engaged in healthcare litigation and external peer review resources to hospitals and medical staffs.

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